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Enduroshield Auto  Glass Treatment
Brand new to North America
Enduroshield  ultra-long lasting Rain Repellent for transforming auto glass into a high performance rain repellent surface. The non-stick invisible coating turns rainwater into beads, which are easily swept away , ensuring clear visibility and reduced glare in wet weather driving.
Watch this dramatic demonstration. You won't believe your eyes!
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Ultra-Long Range Rain Repellent
Enduroshield  ultra long lasting rain repellent available at select dealerships and auto repair and maintenance facilities in the Mid Atlantic as part of the SAFER-VIEW glass treatment service.
Ultrasonic Interior and Ventilation System Cleaning
We have various products dispensed ultrasonically for the treatment of mold, mildew, bacteria, germs.
Products designed to specifically eliminate smoker odors, cigarette and cigar!
Programs for product distribution in dealership service lanes.
Mobile service for malodor elimination in pre-owned cars that won't sell because they just plain stink! 
Watch this video 1 minute video!
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Terraclean products are problem solvers!
Terraclean The Ultimate Fuel System Decarbonizer
The only decarbonizer that cleans the entire fuel system including
oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
2013 Application guide:
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